Wednesday, 8 December 2010

Clothes Show Live

Yesterday I travelled up to Birmingham with my textiles class to go to the Clothes Show Live. The day was very long but worth the while. The show itself wasn't what I expected but as a first time goer I suppose I should have been open minded.

It wasn't really a fashion show but more of a dance show which was pumped up by a couple of hot guys with 6 packs dancing around without their tops on. I'm not one to complain, who doesn't want to see a hot guy without his top on ? but I felt some of the women were going abit over the top.

I also got scouted by the modelling agency Select, which was a pleasant surprise as I turned up with bed hair and no make-up on. I have never really wanted to be a model but it is a compliant that a strange thinks I have the potential to be one. I will keep you all posted on whether or not they contact me.

I got some great freebies but the shops that were there weren't my kind of style so I ended up not buying anything. It was a really good day out and hopefully I might be able to go again another year.

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