Friday, 15 October 2010

Clemence Poesy

I am such a big Gossip Girl fan but after three very drama filled seasons i was worried what kind of outrageous story lines would be next. I am happy to say they came through yet again. I'm really enjoying the whole Chuck and Blair situation that is happening at the moment, I always loved those two as a couple and i hope to god they get back together later on in this season.

But what has caught my eye the most so far this season is "Eva", the french rebound is played by Clemence Poesy. Not only has she had the best wardrobe but she is one of the most naturally beautiful actresses, no wonder Chloe had her model for the last perfume campaign.

What gave me even more joy is that fact that she has amazing style herself, or at least her stylist is doing an amazing job!


  1. I love her so much! She is incredibly beautiful. However, the other day at work everyone was talking about her on Gossip Girl and they didn't even know her name. Unfortunately, not everyone appreciates her style :(

  2. I think thats sad, she is also a great actress.
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